Pisceans are spiritual beings ruled by their feelings. Their journey through life will involve much soul searching and retreat into that hazy world which exists between the real and the unreal. While they are very happy traveling the paths of their inner world, the Piscean compassion and need to help others will ensure they return to the real world regularly.

Pisceans tend to go where life takes them. If they do not like their current direction, they simply retreat into themselves until their direction changes. One of the great dangers for the Pisceans is they sometimes become so involved in their dreams and fantasies they find it difficult to separate fact from fantasy. Another danger is that their docile nature makes it easy for others to take advantage of them.

Pisceans must not allow themselves to become detached from those around them, because they will become depressed, pessimistic and languid. The gentle Pisceans are usually far too shy to tout their talents, which in the arts may be formidable. Their compassion and empathy seems to be without bounds, which makes them a great ally for anyone.

Love Characteristics
Pisces really need to be needed. They suffer from fear of rejection and low self-esteem. Pisceans are tender and caring, but frequently become the victims of domineering and uncaring partners. They submerge themselves in the experiences of their mates. If their partner is strong and caring, the lucky Piscean will soar to new heights. Conversely, if they find themselves in an unfulfilling relationship, they will prolong the agony--feeling they must deserve the misery--and assume the role of martyr.

Pisceans do best when involved with a solid personality who will enjoy their romantic fantasies. There is no more loyal and caring lover than a Piscean, but their need for emotional and sensual reassurance sometimes leads to flirtations. Pisceans are the most loving and giving of the signs, their ability to select an inappropriate partner is legendary. In the right relationship, their sexuality will blossom and become something of an art form, especially as they get a little older, more experienced and more confident.

Positive Traits
Negative Traits
  • Imaginative
  • Sensitive
  • Compassionate
  • Kind
  • Selfless
  • Unworldly
  • Intuitive and Sympathetic
  • Escapist And Idealistic
  • Secretive And Vague
  • Weak-Willed And Easily Led
Likes and Dislikes
  • Solitude to dream in
  • Mystery in all its guises
  • Anything discarded to stay discarded
  • The ridiculous
  • Like to get 'lost'
  • The obvious
  • Being criticized
  • Feeling all at sea about something
  • Know-it-alls
  • Pedantry
Health Matters
Pisces governs the feet, liver and lymphatics, and its subjects can be threatened by anemia, boils, ulcers and other skin diseases, especially inflammation of the eyelids, gout, inflammation, heavy periods and foot disorders and lameness.
Most Suitable Jobs
Pisceans are well-suited to careers as veterinarians, biologists, artists, doctors, musicians, psychologists and mediums.
Popular Personalities
George Washington, Albert Einstein, George Frederick Handel, Elizabeth Taylor, Cindy Crawford, Kurt Cobain, David Gilmour, Gloria Vanderbilt, Gutenberg, Sibil Leek, Ralph Nader, Edgar Cayce, Sidney Poitier, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning
General Information
Pisces - Feb. 19 - Mar. 20
Body Parts - Feet & Immune System
Planet - Neptune
Stone - Moonstone
Symbol -
Numbers - 12, 21, 39, 48, 57
Polarity - Negative
Group - Theoretical
Color - Soft Sea Green
Element - Water
Opposite Signs
  • virgo
Compatible Signs
  • cancer
  • scorpio
  • pisces
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